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Choosing RAK ICC offshore company formation proves strategic and advantageous. These offshore entities, particularly within the Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC), are incorporated in the UAE but primarily operate internationally. This structure offers the perk of limited liability, crucial for safeguarding business finances. RAK ICC offshore companies serve various purposes including international trading, shipping, patent management, consulting, real estate ownership, copyright registration, or holding ventures.

Recognizing RAK ICC’s distinct advantages is essential for entrepreneurs keen on its formation. Unlike other territories, RAK ICC offers a streamlined, business-friendly environment, making it an ideal locale for establishing and nurturing an offshore company.

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Advantages of Setting Up Your RAK ICC Offshore Company

Business Setup in Dubai


Establishing an RAK ICC offshore company ensures confidentiality as it is not mandated to disclose financial information or personal details of directors and shareholders.

Business Setup in Dubai

Fewer Liabilities

Choosing RAK ICC company formation ensures robust asset protection against legal actions and creates a legal shield for investors.

Business Setup in Dubai

Avenue to International Expansion

Establishing an offshore RAK ICC company with a UAE address enhances business credibility, fostering international partnerships and activities.

Business Setup in Dubai

Tax Incentives

The UAE introduced a 9% corporate tax rate in 2023. However, RAK ICC offshore companies are exempt from this tax.

Ras Al-Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC)

RAK ICC is a rapidly expanding jurisdiction in the MENA Region, known for its efficient incorporation of offshore companies.

Requirements for Setting Up an Offshore Company in RAK ICC

The prerequisites for establishing an offshore business in RAK ICC vary based on the company’s specific structure and format.

As a RAK ICC Offshore Company with a Single Shareholder:

As a RAK ICC Offshore Company with Multiple Shareholders:

Cost of Setting Up an Offshore Company in RAK ICC

The cost of RAK ICC company formation varies depending on the chosen option and is influenced by factors like business activities, shareholder count, office space needs, and other considerations.

The starting cost for forming a RAK ICC offshore company is USD 2,050 or AED 7,500. Furthermore, they provide the RAK ICC Premium Product, enabling offshore companies to conduct onshore activities by establishing a subsidiary at RAKEZ. Premium product packages for RAK ICC company formation commence at AED 17,500.

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Steps in Setting Up Your Offshore Company in RAK ICC

Firmz provides comprehensive assistance throughout RAK ICC company formation, simplifying the intricate steps of establishing an offshore company.