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The Dubai Golden Visa is designed to draw and keep highly skilled professionals, investors, and top executives by offering them the chance to secure long-term residency in the UAE.

Holding a UAE Golden Visa allows for easy travel, study, work, and the sponsorship of family members. This initiative has further elevated the UAE’s status as a premier global business and lifestyle destination, attracting individuals from all over the world.

The Golden Visa grants 10-year residency to those earning more than AED 30,000 per month, investing AED 2 million or more, or owning off-plan property worth at least AED 2 million.

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Dubai Golden Visa Benefits

Adopting the UAE’s Golden Visa presents numerous benefits for international talents, granting them the privilege to live, work, or study in the UAE with exclusive advantages.

Criteria for Obtaining the Dubai Golden Visa

Golden Visa for Professionals
  • A letter from your company stating you can have the Golden Visa, confirming you've worked at least 1 year as a general manager, executive director, or chairman.
  • Your degree certificate must be bachelor's level or higher and verified by both the UAE embassy in your home country and the Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A salary certificate showing you earn at least 30,000 DHS monthly.
  • Your labor contract should list the same job and salary as your salary certificate.
  • Bank statements from the last 6 months proving your salary, which must remain in the account for at least a day. If transferred to another account the next day, a second bank statement is needed.
  • Copies of your passport and visa.
  • You need a Dubai visa.
    A studio-quality photo of yourself.
Golden Visa for Real Estate Owners
  • Ownership of a property valued at AED 2 million or more, or an off-plan property of the same value.
  • A copy of your visa or passport.
  • Your Emirates ID.
  • You must be within the UAE.
  • Proof of both international and local health insurance.
Golden Visa for Investors
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Evidence showing you have a financial deposit of at least 2 million dirhams in a bank within the country, which can be in investment bonds or sukuk.
  • Proof that you live in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Golden Visa Process​