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Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, is a prime location for business ventures due to its thriving economy fueled by oil production, real estate, industrial growth, and tourism. Renowned for its business-friendly environment, Abu Dhabi attracts investors and entrepreneurs globally. It’s ranked highly for ease of doing business, as per the World Bank’s Doing Business report for 2020.

Benefiting from its strategic location and diverse economy, Abu Dhabi is increasingly favored by entrepreneurs seeking a conducive environment for their ventures. Its reputation as a strong regional performer underscores its appeal as one of the most sought-after destinations for business endeavors.

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Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Abu Dhabi

Business Setup in Dubai

Low Company Setup Cost

Business appeal includes no minimum share capital requirement or obligatory annual audits for firms under the Mainland License. 

Business Setup in Dubai

Wider Scope of Business

With Abu Dhabi Mainland License, businesses can operate across the UAE, expanding their consumer base and boosting profits significantly.

Business Setup in Dubai

Long Term License Validity

Abu Dhabi distinguishes itself by providing commercial licenses with a two-year validity, reducing the hassle and expenses of annual renewals.

Business Setup in Dubai

Affordable Office Spaces

Choosing the right office space is pivotal when launching a business. In Abu Dhabi, you have the option to rent or lease affordable spaces.

Business Setup in Dubai

Tourism Sector Development

Abu Dhabi stands out as a prominent global tourist destination, annually hosting major commercial and sporting events that boost its tourism sector.

Business Setup in Dubai

Ability to Work with Government Bodies

Can engage in government contracts, enabling them to bid for various government-funded projects and increase revenue opportunities.

Business Setup in Dubai

Repatriation of Capital and Profits

Abu Dhabi Mainland companies can repatriate all profits and capital, have full ownership, and are exempt from income taxes, with only 5% VAT.

Cost of Setting Up Your Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Establishing an Abu Dhabi Mainland Company begins at AED 15,000. Costs range between AED 15,000 to AED 30,000 based on business complexity and visa applications.

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Explore Monthly Payment Plans with Selected Banks

Transform your transactions into convenient and budget-friendly monthly installments through our chosen array of banking partners. Simply make a minimum credit card expenditure of AED 1,000 from any of our participating banks and repay in manageable installments spanning 12 months.


*General terms and conditions from the banks will be applicable.

Types of Licenses Offered in Abu Dhabi Mainland

As Abu Dhabi emerges as a prime hub for business and tourism, understanding your planned business activities is crucial. Firmz assists in selecting suitable activities for your company.

Commercial License

Permits business operations in public trading, healthcare, construction, real estate, and related sectors.

Occupational License

Granted to firms where individuals utilize their skills to provide services, like legal, accounting, and research agencies.

Professional License

This license is granted to companies whose employees offer services in specific crafts such as carpentry and steelwork.

Industrial License

Granted to companies intending to establish manufacturing operations in Abu Dhabi for industrial activities such as production, assembly, and packaging.

Tourism License

The license is issued by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority for businesses in the UAE's tourism sector, including hotels and travel agencies.

Agricultural License

These licenses are granted to companies involved in agriculture, fisheries, and livestock activities.

Types of Business Structures in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Branch Office

The Branch Office extends a company's presence, whether local or foreign, functioning as the regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Public Shareholding Company

A Public Joint Stock Company mandates a capital of AED 10,000,000, with transferable shares and distinct business names.

Private Shareholding Company

A Private Joint Stock Company requires a minimum capital of AED 2,000,000 and involves at least three shareholders.

Joint Venture

An Abu Dhabi Joint Venture involves two or more entities governed by a contract, conducted in the name of a UAE national partner.

Limited Partnership

In a Limited Partnership, general partners share joint liability for debts, while limited partners have no management role.

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by one individual, allowing 100% foreign ownership for professionals of any nationality.

Steps for Setting Up Your Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland

The business registration process in Abu Dhabi involves just four simple steps.