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Saudi Arabia has become an attractive hub for entrepreneurship, boasting vast reserves of oil and fuel that have long fueled its economy. The nation’s economy is further bolstered by robust industries including machinery, dairy products, and pharmaceuticals, contributing to its diverse economic landscape. With policies aimed at encouraging investments and fostering new business ventures, Saudi Arabia offers an ideal environment for investors in the Middle East.

This vibrant business landscape, characterized by abundant natural resources and a range of thriving industries, positions the Kingdom as a prime destination for those looking to start and grow their ventures.

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Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Saudi Arabia

Foreign companies can take advantage of the multitude of incentives offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to businesses.

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A business-friendly environment

The New Companies Law expands business forms, offering more options for company types in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on supporting SMEs.

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Tax incentives

Saudi Arabia offers favorable tax rates, including a 20% corporate income tax and exemptions for certain supplies under its VAT system.

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Growing diversification

Saudi Arabia's non-oil industries already contribute substantially to GDP, with ongoing efforts to boost sectors like tourism, transportation, and entertainment.

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An ideal standard of living

Saudi Arabia's excellent safety record and high living standards make it an appealing destination for individuals considering relocating or establishing secondary homes.

Cost of Setting Up Your Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The startup expenses for establishing a business in Saudi Arabia vary based on factors such as nationality, distinguishing between GCC and foreign nationals.

It is also contingent on factors such as the nature of business activities, shareholder count, office space needs, and other considerations.

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Types of Companies Recognized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Joint Liability Company

A joint liability company, also known as a general partnership, comprises two or more individuals equally responsible for obligations.

Limited Partnership Company

In this company type, there is at least one general partner with unlimited personal liability and one limited partner with liability limited to their investment.

Joint Stock Company

Joint stock companies are owned by investors who can buy or sell shares, representing their ownership percentage in the company.

Simple Joint Stock Company

Simple Joint Stock Companies, a new addition under the New Companies Law, cater to rising startup and venture capital needs.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC is a commonly chosen business structure, particularly by private companies, offering protection to owners' personal assets in legal matters.

Requirement for Obtaining a Business License in Saudi Arabia

Business formation prerequisites in Saudi Arabia may vary based on the company’s nature, yet the following documents are essential and must be in Arabic.

Steps for Setting Up Your Business in Saudi Arabia

Are you prepared to set up your business in Saudi Arabia? Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you.