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In the UAE, offshore firms are legitimate entities established to operate beyond their registered area. Usually utilized for global commerce and financial dealings like trade, investments, and online business, these companies find a haven in places like the British Virgin Islands (BVI), renowned for its strong financial services industry and diverse banking and investment opportunities. Forming a company in BVI provides businesses with a dependable telecommunications framework, simplifying global connectivity with clientele and partners.

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Offshore Jurisdictions

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The British Virgin Islands stands as a premier choice for offshore company incorporation globally. Renowned as a seasoned business hub with a resilient financial services industry and extensive banking and investment avenues, BVI offers a streamlined process for company formation. Its dependable telecommunications infrastructure ensures seamless global connectivity with clients and partners. Over time, BVI has become the domicile for more than 750,000 companies, attesting to its appeal and efficacy as a jurisdiction for business endeavors.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)

The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) stands among the foremost global free zones for commerce and trade, playing a pivotal role in elevating the UAE's stature as a prominent global business hub. Hosting over 7,500 companies hailing from 135 nations, JAFZA grants them entry into diverse markets throughout the MENA region.

JAFZA garners preference as a regional headquarters for its renowned status, facilitating extensive global networking opportunities. With assistance from Firmz, establishing an offshore company within JAFZA enables integration into a vibrant business ecosystem within the UAE.

Ajman Free Zone

Founded in 1988, the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) stands as a pioneer among the UAE's initial free zones. Aligned with AFZ's vision of bolstering the UAE's business-friendly environment, it focuses on key sectors such as health, education, advanced technology, retail, and food and beverage.

It leads the way in providing investors with adaptable payment options, intelligent office spaces, and warehouses across the UAE. AFZ's establishment of Offshore Companies serves diverse objectives, including facilitating global expansion opportunities.

Advantages of Setting Up Your Offshore Company in British Virgin Islands (BVI)

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Establishing a BVI company ensures confidentiality as ownership details are not publicly disclosed, aligning with strict privacy laws safeguarding shareholders' and directors' identities.

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Asset Protection

Creating a BVI company provides strong asset protection, appealing to individuals and businesses aiming to safeguard assets from creditors or legal issues.

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Ease of Business

BVI offers a business-friendly regulatory landscape with an efficient registration process. No currency exchange controls enable diverse currency operations and international transactions.

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Tax Benefits

Establishing a BVI offshore company is favored due to its tax advantages, including exemptions from corporate income, capital gains, and inheritance taxes.

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Cost of Setting Up Your Offshore Company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The cost of setting up an offshore BVI company varies depending on the selected package and can be influenced by factors such as business activities, shareholder count, and office space needs. Obtain an estimate for your offshore company formation expenses and explore options for securing the most economical BVI company formation cost suited to your business.

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Steps in Setting Up Your Offshore Company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Firmz offers extensive support, simplifying every aspect of offshore BVI company formation, from submitting documents to setting up a bank account.