Dubai: New 5 year multiple-entry tourist visa announced for Indians? What you need to know

Issuance of a Multiple-Entry Dubai Tourist Visa Valid for 5 years

The five-year multiple-entry visa is available for tourists of all nationalities and has been available for the past two years, Dubai authorities confirmed to Khaleej Times on Friday.

Several Indian media outlets reported on Thursday that a new, five-year, multiple-entry visa has been launched for Indian tourists. The multiple-entry permit was first announced in the UAE in 2021 and the first visas were issued soon after.

To boost tourism from one of its top markets, Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) highlighted this during a travel expo in Mumbai this week.

The visa, issued within two to five working days upon receiving and accepting the service request, allows its holder to stay in the country for 90 days, extendable once for a similar period, with a total stay not exceeding 180 days in one year.

In the past two years, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism has experienced an overwhelming surge in inquiries regarding the 5-multiple-entry tourist visa, said a top UAE official.

Bader Ali Habib, the regional head of proximity markets, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism posted on LinkedIn that this visa has become a game-changer, removing barriers for last-minute travel and emerging as the preferred choice for frequent travelers.

The post read: “The amount of inquiries we have been receiving from India over the last two years on this visa category has been overwhelming,”

Ali Habib highlighted the versatility of the visa, enabling individuals to spend quality time with family, meet friends, and attend business or leisure events. He said: “The five-year multiple entry visa initiative signifies a strategic step towards deepening our already existing ties with India. This historic milestone will not only open doors to a longer and more enriching experience for Indian tourists, but also provide a platform for increased economic collaboration.”

Khaleej Times

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