Dubai launches new Nol card with discounts worth over Dh17,000

dubai nol card

It is initially priced at Dh200 for a year with a balance of Dh19, and can be renewed at the end of the year for Dh150

A new Nol card with discounts of up to Dh17,000 on various products and services was launched for tourists, residents, and citizens on Monday, June 10.

According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the holders of the Nol Travel Card can use it to pay for public transportation, parking, and other entertainment and experiences in Dubai.

The new card also offers discounts ranging from five to 10 per cent across hotels, shops, adventures, entertainment facilities, and other offers partners in the city.

In the early stages, the Nol Travel Card will be available at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) as well as some partner stores like Zoom and Europcar.

Initially priced at Dh200 for a year with a balance of Dh19, the card can be renewed at the end of the year for Dh150.

Existing Nol card users will not be able to switch to the newly launched Nol Travel card at the moment, but the RTA said they will consider it in the future.

Salahaldeen Almarzouqi, director of the Automated Collection Systems Department, said the newly-launched card will have its own packages with various benefits and discounts.

“It is a physical card but we have the plan to add a digital card through a barcode. Nol Travel Card has its own advantages while other cards have different categories and benefits,” Almarzouqi said during a press briefing, adding that RTA will study the possibility of transferring a balance from existing Nol Cards to newly-launched Nol Travel card in the future.

Amr Abdelsamad, managing director of MDX Solutions, said there are currently over 100 partners and facilities such as restaurants and entertainment facilities where this card is accepted and these numbers will increase in due course.

“This card is aimed at fulfilling the need of customers, integration public transportation and city’s facilities through one card, making it as one payment method with discounts exceeding 100 per cent and with a value of over Dh17,000,” said Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector at RTA.

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