Obtaining an Equivalency Certificate in the UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Equivalency Certificate

An Equivalency Certificate, issued by the UAE Ministry of Education, is a crucial document for validating academic credentials earned from recognized institutions outside the UAE. Its purpose is to confirm that the degree aligns with the necessary academic standards and international education criteria. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an expatriate aiming to pursue career prospects in the UAE, acquiring an Equivalency Certificate is paramount. This article delineates the steps involved in obtaining an Equivalency Certificate and furnishes details regarding the essential documents and procedures.

Step 1: Degree and HSS certificate Attestation

To initiate the process, the initial step involves having your highest academic degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s) and HSS certificate attested by the UAE embassy in the country where they were acquired. Should your degree or HSS certificate not be in English or Arabic, translation is imperative. Furthermore, gather the accompanying supporting documents:

For a Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Attested Bachelor’s Degree
  • Transcript
  • Attested High School/Secondary School Certificate (mandatory for MOE application)

For a Master’s Degree:

  • Attested Master’s Degree
  • Transcript
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Transcript of the Bachelor’s Degree

Step 2: Applying for a ‘Genuineness Letter’ (if applicable)

In certain instances, you may need a genuineness letter to validate that your education was undertaken at an accredited institution. To ascertain if your country necessitates this letter, refer to the list of countries on the Ministry of Education website. The process involves coordination among the UAE embassy or consulate, your college/university, and the Ministry of Education.

For the list of countries requiring genuineness letters, please visit: Ministry of Education Countries List

If you are from India, you’ll need to apply for the Verification of Education Document via IVS Global, the authorized service provider. Your application will then be forwarded to your respective university for verification. You can track the progress of your application via the courier company’s website to ensure it reaches the university. In case of any delay in courier delivery, it’s advisable to contact the DTDC Courier Company to ensure timely delivery to the respective university.

To track the document via CGI Dubai, visit: Track the Document – CGI Dubai

Step 3: Applying for an ICA Travel Report

To advance in the equivalency process, you’ll need to provide an ICA travel report detailing your entry and exit dates, passport information, and ports of entry/exit. This report can be obtained from either the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). You can apply for this report through various avenues such as the ICA customer happiness center, online platforms, or the Dubai Now App.

Step 4: Applying for the Equivalency Certificate

Once you’ve completed the preceding steps and gathered all necessary documents, you can apply for the equivalency certificate via the Ministry of Education’s online portal. Visit their website and follow the provided instructions to accurately fill out the application form.

Required Documents for Equivalency Certificate:

Ensure you have the following documents prepared when applying for the equivalency certificate:

  • Copy of a valid Emirates ID.
  • Copy of a valid passport and visa page.
  • ICA travel report (exit entry report).
  • Genuineness letter from the UAE embassy or consulate (if required).
  • Attested degree/award and higher secondary certificate.
  • Arabic Ministry exam (for holders of Arabic passports).
  • Islamic Studies Ministry exam (for Muslims).

For access to the Ministry of Education UAE Equivalency Certificate Portal, visit: MOE Equivalency Certificate Portal

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